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September 08, 2009



I've written a post in support of your efforts for tomorrow. Is it OK if I steal one of your photos to add to my post? Best of luck with this!!!


My vote is in-good luck!


I remember when I went (through Quark Expeditions, no less)...

It's worth any amount of effort to get down there. Luck to you, have lots of fun!


Your pictures are so compelling that I had to go vote for you, several times w/ several different email addresses. Good luck; I need to see more of your Antarctica photos!


For your blog readers/voters: You can vote multiple times with multiple email addresses. Yes, this means you have to register with each email address, but for pictures like this and a chance on a pair of hand-knit Antarctica socks, it was absolutely worth my time. So vote early, vote often and tell all your friends to do the same!


I voted for you--best of luck!

P.S. Have you seen Werner Herzog's documentary about Antarctica?


Other than Ravelry, I have never sign up for anything web related. Your pictures & blog are beautiful and charming and I really want you to win the trip! Much Luck with the contest.

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