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September 24, 2008



the only thing worse than moving is building a new house and picking out everything - my personal idea of hell - why would people want to ever do that??

Anyway - on the moving I feel the same way which is why I will never ever move again -- EVER!!


LOL... I only moved once in my 'conscious' life, i.e. old enough to remember. It was 13.5 years ago... 2 doors down the street (the street is an incline and it is literally down the street) and boy did I hate it!!! I also swore that the next time I move, I hire a company, plan a holiday and come back when everything's done!!!
Squirrels are cute aren't they :)? Did the fuzzball not go mad at them being in HER garden?


they say that moving has the same amount of stress as marrying, divorcing, and dealing with a daeth in the family. I was surprised you emailed me yesterday!!! I figured you must ahve already done the deed. Please remember to take plenty of big deep breaths and time out for yourself. HUGE hugs!!!

Sierra Tango

Yes right and THIS is the person who's been telling me I need to de-stress and relax!Moi? No, toi!


This too shall pass! Just wait, the diggin and planting the asparagus bed is going to be much harder than moving. Are you really turning fully half of the back yard into an asparagus bed?

Still, RotFLMAO!(About the stress)

Of course I can live with just a 100 things. I've got food, pots, pans, furniture, linens, dishes, books, electronis, yarn, plants,pictures, skis and clothes. That's WAY less than 100!!
Still, RotFLMAO!(About the stress)
I hear that Calgary has recently imposed a 700% tax and tariff on all spun fiber purchased, shipped in or brought into the province. They are using "Rent-a- Australian-Shepard-Fiber-Police-Dogs" (not a publicly traded co) to prowl the neighborhoods sniffing for fleeces that have gone missing or un taxed. That plus gas cost to transport 1 Million skeins of yarn, would be a pretting hefty chunk of change! Be cheaper for Dude to by an island.

Mme. Defarge

But it's effing cold in Alberta. (I need someplace to go too, you know.)

Congrats. If you've survived this long, the rest is cake.

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