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May 05, 2007


Rob Monroe

Thanks for not sending pictures!!

Maybe if you let it decompose on the ground, you could grow a money tree!


Not really intending to top you in the "money-shitting" dog department, but... our Golden once snatched up $30 -- a ten and a twenty. When we realized it, we started examining his, uh, output, to see if we could reclaim the lost funds. A bit of patience and the careful application of the garden hose to the "output" piles yielded enough pieces of the twenty to gather up for laundering. I put all the pieces in a Mason jar of Mr. Clean and water and agitated vigorously. Pulled out the clean bits and smoothed them out on a paper towel to dry. When dry, I taped the pieces together. The bank will accept a bill if they can read the serial numbers. We were in luck. Somehow, however, the bill never made it to the bank, but into my son's wallet -- it being his 30 bucks in the first place. Sometime that semester, that well-traveled, washed and rinsed $20 paid for pizza!

Ya gotta love, love, love dogs!!

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