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November 20, 2009



I love bulldogs! Such a lot of personality in a sturdy compact package.
I'm glad you've got animals there so you don't have to be totally dogless and catless. That kind of sudden withdrawal isn't healthy...


Oh my goodness! I thought you had stolen my dog at first. Her back spots are just a bit bigger then Abby's, but pretty close in shape. Wonder if they are related. You've described the way Gus sleeps. He buries his nose either in the bed or in his hands. They also have the super sonic bulldog camera hearing. They would not however stick their head in water. They hate water unless you are bribing them with cheese.


Oh I meant to say I'm not sure what you mean by "she is naked" but I can testify to the crazy shedding.

She looks a bit chunkier then my two even before Gus lost all that weight. She's so cute.

Ok I'll be quiet now.

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