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November 25, 2009



Lovely stack of words, there.
I love Storey Publishing - we have a nice assortment of their books. Someday I'd like to collect them all!


Lets see. Loved knitting rules of course. Really disliked The Friday Night Knitting Club. I found it rather boring and didn't finish it which is very rare for me. Haven't heard of the horse one of course. I was disappointed in the Gentle Art of Domesticity. I had been a reader of her blog for a while and went and looked at the book in the store and frankly having been a reader for a while I've already seen 90% of the book. Granted I think she's taken that portion of her blog down, but none the less I was somewhat disappointed in what seemed like the lack of new. The book ended up staying at the store. Not sure about the luxury yarn book as I haven't seen that one yet.

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