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November 04, 2009


Mme Defarge

Nice granite.


I think the only thing wrong with Ned is that he's growing up. You're going to miss those Destructo-kitten days aren't you? Yeah, me neither.


I love Ned! And the granite.


Looks like he's just testing the new faucet for you. What a thoughtful guy...


Ozzy does that with the water if no one is watching (I'm pretty good at spying on him). He won't sleep on the couch next to a human though.


Our Scratch used to do that--he was the first "family' cat we had. He looked so much like yours, it's amazing, and he used to love to drink at the sink, too. He lived 18 lovely years--and inside/outside cat that died peacefully in my arms at the vet's. We still miss him after nearly 20 year and 2 more cats we have lost! he was the most wonderful cat I have ever known.

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