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November 15, 2009



Our cats have been dying for wet food. Gus' new diet (well for the next week or so) involves a very wet rice/egg/chicken mix and the cats are dying to try it. I've been scaring them off. Abby's been getting a scoop of wet too (on her dry food) just so she'll actually eat something because otherwise she won't until he's eating what she's eating. Two weeks is too long for her to wait to eat something.

We don't rake the leaves. A forested area makes too many. Either they blow away, decay where they are before spring, or get mowed over when the lawn people come again in April and then decay. Its good for the soil.


We don't rake, either. But then again, what few trees we have are evergreen.
We have friends who rake and bag their leaves, then give them to us for our garden. We'll take advantage of their unnecessary work...

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