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November 01, 2009



Ok, my answers are:
1. No one knows.
2. No one knows that, either.
3. Three.
4. Now.
5. Hopefully it's only been changed *once*.
6. There is no six.
7. Sixty-three percent.
8. Between Manganese and Cobalt.
9. I'm just as surprised as you are.


Nice answers, Gayle!

I don't have the attention span, or anything worth writing, for NaBloPoMo. Mostly, though, it's just time. They should do stuff like that during the summer!

Mme. Defarge

Once upon a time paint was a delicate thing, easily damaged. And "housewives" had enough time on their hands to diddle with things like shelf paper. And the good capitalists saw a marketing opportunity. Ergo.

Also. There is some rubbery stuff that keeps your fine glassware from chipping as you gently place it lip down on the shelf.

That is all of my accumulated wisdom. I'm done for the week.

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