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October 11, 2009



Oh, my word. What a face!

You are very correct. There is nothing ferocious about white dogs :)

Too sweet! I imagine between her adorable face, and then her health issues, she never gets in trouble. How could you possibly get mad at that face??!


A kitchen remodel would be confusing for a dog who could see - how much more so for a dog who can't! And it's always hard to *explain* things to dogs...


I didn't know Aurora was having hearing problems too. Poor baby. New house, kittens AND a renovation. How much must a doggy bear?

Glad she's not as bad off as you feared.


Oh I'm so happy she is hearing something!!! Abby likes to sit right in front of the fridge. As there is no place to put a bed for her near it we just move her whenever we need to get into it.

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