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September 29, 2009



You realize where you're going to have to go for your next vacation, right? At least for a cruise-by.
I really really reeeeeeallly wanted you to win...


I hereby promise that if I ever win the lottery, I will use some of my winnings to send you to Antarctica, just so I have the pleasure of viewing more of your amazing pictures. I'm not much of a traveler myself, so it's a much better deal to send you so you can enjoy yourself & I can enjoy your photos.


Wow you are anticipating my every comment. I was curious to know when it ends and I was going to have to go look, but there it is in your post!

How are the animals liking your remodel?


hiya! what happens to the italics if you highlight the text and then click the button? does the italicization (if that's a word) go away? If not, let me know and we'll work on this for you with the TypePad support team. :)


I'm with you Bonny-much better to listen and read about and look at pix about trips. I get horrendous motion sickness.
That said, I knew when she got back and was just describing the sea voyage that I should have recorded it. The verbal description was so precise and accurate I start getting sick just sitting and listening! (Speaking of nausea-mom's cooking saurekraut-ick!)

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