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September 27, 2009



I'm depressed by the guy from Portugal. How does he have 11,000 votes? Love your pets, though.


That guy has been bumming me out since the beginning.

The glove is coming out beautifully! I've had the same problem photographing gloves/mittens. Even worse is taking pictures of cowls...


Oh my goodness! Whole big long comment and its gone. I guess I forgot the verification thing!!

The view from my chair isn't that different. We have that same cat toy but it is smaller and upstairs away from dogs who think it is a CHEW toy. How did you get a man to smile in a photo? Chris is very good at making a weird or goofy face. Messes with all my pictures that I think Oh! This will be a nice shot and then sucks.

The glove looks good. I'm sort of glad to know it is on the wrong hand because at first I thought it looked really baggy.

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