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September 12, 2009



I'm loving your pictures. So beautiful. And I don't even like that nasty white stuff...
Sock knitting in Antarctica is the coolest thing ever! (Literally...)


I voted for you. Friends of mine from Alaska (photo album of my trip there for their wedding is linked in the sidebar of my blog) are in Antarctica now, teaching wilderness survival skill to scientists. Awesome.


I'd love a chance to have someone make me a pair of socks, but Antarctica socks? Of course they'd be museum-worthy!

Sandy Mill

I voted for you - I'm off on my first trip to Antartica and would appreciate any tips you have -- not doing Quark -- but a cruise ship -- so excited about seeing the penquins! What kind of camera did you take? Any info will be appreciated and I've lined up some friends to vote for you! -- GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!



I did vote for you. Antarctica has always fascinated me, and I would love to go. One of these years... Good Luck!


Oooh... I was voter number 12!!! I almost went on a trip to Antarctica 2 winters ago... this was BEFORE I realised that boats, water & I do not mix... ever. And on top of that, the boat had a kissy kissy with an iceberg after a day and so the trip got cancelled. Oh and just before my dad & I wanted to really thing about the trip and how I was going to finance my part, I got laid off :) Guess it was not to be huh?

Here's to hoping that you'll be going!!!


I voted for you. And if I win the socks I might just frame them. Best wishes for your sweet dog.


I voted for you.
And I just want to say -- if people are actually popping over here to see you blog Antarctica -- you'll rock THEIR blog and win.
(not sure why, but I can't see your pics on their site).

and here I thought I was being moderately adventurous wanting to go to Alaska!


What a generous offer! I have voted for you, and I will continue pestering my friends to vote for you too. (And I also hate to be photographed--we are legion)


I voted for you! I hated having my picture taken, too, until I realized that the woman in the pictures bears exactly NO resemblance to me whatsoever. And I don't know how she sneaks into all of my pictures but as long as I remember it's HER double-chin and not mine, I'm good.


Got here by accident, but love the pictures and a chance to win socks and pictures.


Your pictures are so compelling that I had to go vote for you, several times w/ several different email addresses. Good luck; I need to see more of your Antarctica photos with that amazing blue. A pair of socks from Antarctica wouldn't be half bad either!


Ok I've voted. I'll blog post it tomorrow or Friday too. I keep meaning too!


Very cool -- I voted for you! Best of luck!


Well I would love to have a pair of your socks especially if they were knit there - you know I voted :D


Fear not (well, unless I get a few thousand more votes!): I was going to
search through the comments and make sure all the early people had their
name in the right place.

Yay for Kay (and YOU!!!) Tonight: Ravelery and Knitters Review. I got
turned down by a local community list but the local community newspaper
picked up on it (Ha! That'll teach 'em!) (Or its a slow news week.)


On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 9:16 AM, wrote:


I voted for you and I hope you win because I can't wait to see the pictures you have taken! Good luck and keep us posted! p.s. can you just stuff me in your suitcase? LOL deb MDeb50@gmail.com


I voted for you. I just think it would be so awesome to be in Antarctica and doubly awesome to be knitting in Antarctica. So if I can't do it I can at least live vicariously through someone else! :-] Good luck.


I voted for you and I wish you luck in the contest.

Debbie H

I voted for you. My fingers are crossed - for both of us! A pair of socks from Antartica would be so cool! Thanks for the contest. Debbie

Karen Everitt

you have my vote too! what an awesome opportunity it will be..........I'm thinking positive!........I lived in Alaska when I was young and had the ability to stay warm.......I'd be thrilled to have a pair of socks knit by you and especially in Antactica........I'm a brand new knitter and just finished my first pair of socks and they even fit......just started my second pair so it's leaning towards an addiction! Best of luck......Karen


You got my vote:) Photos are lovely!!

Sharon Rose

I voted! I loved the glaciers in Alaska and Antarctica has to be at LEAST 3 times more impressive. :) Good luck - I really want my socks to have some good penguin energy. *wink*


I voted for you. My vote number was 196. Good luck. I hope you win, it sounds like a fantastic trip.


My vote is 224. I would love to be able to say I knew someone that actually went to Antartica. Good luck to you, I really hope you get to go back. I will pass the word to other Central Ohio knitters.

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