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September 21, 2009



I've been a little discouraged watching that guy from Portugal, too...
Hang in there!


I linked to you on the blog. Hopefully we'll CRUSH THAT GUY FROM PORTUGAL.

Ahem. Coffee much?


But loopy and Tux sure are cute in the freezer :)


Go Knitters! I read a comment on a different blog about sending a knitter to Antarctica, and I had to vote. Fingers and toes are crossed for you!


Is it one vote per email address or ip address? 'Cause I have more than one valid email address and yes I have voted once already but would happily vote more if I could ;)


Why thank you!

It is one vote per email address. (If it were one per IP address, my office
wouldn't be allowed to vote.) I appreciate each and every vote. (And if
you vote twice it gets you an extra chance at the socks!)


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