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June 12, 2009



I fell in love with that cardi too... I've just started the bottom border. I do one row of k1,p1 and then purl back. I didn't like the look of plain ribbing. For the collar I want either do the same as the bottom border or maybe feather & fan lace... haven't made up my mind yet. If I do the F&F, then I'll use that at the bottom of the sleeves too. I am using 100purewool.com's Chocolate lace yarn (same yardage, same softness, but cheaper than Malabrigo :)). I hope to finish it so that I can wear it for my flight to A'dam and then Venice Sunday next week :)


you know - it is all in how you look at things - I prefer not to think about it as not finishing projects but as prolonging the pleasure of working on them by starting something new.

You gotta look for the right spin ....

heck I have even been know to re-purpose yarn a few times before it gets finished in a project - one pair of socks was ripped out 3 times before they finally found themselves in the right project ;)

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