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May 21, 2009



*snort* rocket science...
Still suffering from Galapagos envy. Those rays are amazing!
Good luck with the kitties. Maybe you should wake Ned up at 3:00 pm so he knows how it feels...


Oh my Ned is a problem kitty. You could always find a sound proof crate for at night. Then everyone but Nickie will get a good nights sleep (this still leave the problem of the good cat getting punished, but since it sounds like she sleeps through it then she probably doesn't know.) I solved the problem of Penny screaming in my ear by sleeping through it. Chris said she could probably have waked the dead at the volume she was at, but I was blissfully unaware. She gave up eventually because she wasn't interested in waking up Chris, just me.


Honey bun,

Playing catch-up w/ reading of fav blogs - so here I am ^ .. ^

Love the shades of green, the doggie & kitty photos, the knitting, the bags, the yarn.


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