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April 26, 2009



Awesome pictures! Wow - I can see why you are speechless.

As for photo sharing - it depends on your goal. If you want feedback and community, go with Flickr. If you want a place to just dump pictures to show off to people, go with Picasa. I have opted for community now that I'm enjoying taking pictures, but Flickr is only free for a certain size a month. Now that I got a nicer camera, I upgraded to the paid account.

Picasa also has an incredibly easy and useful organizational/tweaking downloadable program. I use that to edit photos and then upload them to Flickr. :o)

Welcome home.

Mme. Defarge

Flickr. Makes it really easy to post selected pics. And you need to have a LOT to need more space.


Gorgeous pictures!!! The colors are amazing!!!

I have a Flickr Pro account so that I can upload as much as I want. I also have a picasa account but I hardly use it.

Good to have you back :)


Totally lovely. I'm glad it was such an awesome trip. I have a Flickr pro account.


Gee and the only interesting picture I got from my trip is a rescued squirrel crawling up my arm. Boring!

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