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April 05, 2009



Have a great trip!!!
PS: didn't realise you were going 'man-less' :)


Have a good trip!! (Even though I know you are already on a plane!)


Positively green with envy. Have a glorious trip!


I hope you have a fantastic time! And I can't wait to see photos.


Honey bunny,

Have a great trip!! Take in some fun for us too, OK?



1 week till you get back, 2 weeks till I go and 3 weeks to MSWF and yarn heaven. I wonder, have they considered changing the name to Maryland Sheep and Wool Feast rather than Festival? Because that's what it really is, a Feast for yarn guttons. You are right, too much work to get "ready to go" In that time frame, taxes, 2 fairs, 1 court date (Hope I win) and my turn to stress. There's a fund raiser event in the Boro called the Big Night, Moulin Rouge dress is the theme. . . want to go to that, is there time?!

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